Jessica LaMonaca is an Actress, Comedian, Writer, Dancer, and according to her parents an all around Fabulous Person. She spends her time living between Philadelphia and New York City.

Jessica grew up in the world of the arts, and has been performing or creating in someway since attending a performing arts middle and high school in Delaware, and has been dancing, acting, and participating in musical theatre since the age of 3. Her onstage debut was at the age of 4 (she was a sensation of course), and her first televised appearance was at the age of 8 on QVC. 

She was a member of the NBA Philadelphia 76ers Professional Dance Team. Her time with the 76ers included on-air in-arena hosting, coaching the Philadelphia Old City Senior Dancers, numerous television appearances, a magazine cover feature, being selected to represent the team in an NBA All-Star game, and two trips with the NBA for performances around China. Her dance career continued from there with live events, concerts, and music videos.

Jessica's passion for comedy developed at Upright Citizens Brigade. She graduated from UCB's Improv, Character, and Sketch certicate program at the New York training center. Since then Jessica has perfromed at multiple theaters, doing numerous sketch, improv, and stand-up comedy shows. She wrote and performed a two woman live show "LaMonaca Twins Star in Twin Show." No, her dad was not the only one in attendance, it miraculously sold out. 

Jessica has trained at multiple acting and film schools, including the Identity School of Acting. She is currently working on creating her own film projects through LaMonaca Productions, online content, live comedic performances, and would also love to be apart of your next project as well. So, if you need a fabulous person (according to her parents) to be apart of your next film and/or live show, (see the contact page).

When Jessica is not entertaining the masses you can find her busting mental health stigmas, cheering on her fellow humans, painting, watching movies, and eating snacks with her beloved dog Frado.